April 17 Ride, Ziplining, and BBQ!!!

Hey ya’ll, RQ here. Wanted to let everyone know that I got the ride mapped out this weekend:

View WCC Zipline Ride in Google Maps

Here is the website for the zipline place:


Please, everyone be at the club by 9. The sooner we can get on the road, the less we will have to hurry. Also please remember your 40 bucks a person if you are ziplining with us!

We will leave from the clubhouse and head to Bismarck first, where everyone can top off their tanks. They do have premium gas there at PLS. After that, we’ll head on down to Emminence via 21 and 106. We’ll make a bathroom/gas stop in Ellington. We’re supposed to be at Eagle Falls Ranch between 12 and 1, I beleive, so we can’t dally too much on the way down. Remember, they are opening just for us! Before getting there, we can stop at the corner gas station in Emminence to get a bite to eat if we need to.

On the ride back, we’ll take a more scenic route (don’t worry, you gravel-wussies, no gravel roads THIS TIME!),  and should be able to take our time. I’ve put two stops on the route, in Bixby and at Council Bluff Lake, but we can stop more if we like. Keep in mind that on the route back, there is NO premium gas available after leaving Emminence.

We have agreed, as a club, that we’re going to take it easy as far as speed goes, on this ride. Most of the roads that we’ll be taking are quite curvy, and many in the group will not be familiar with them. I will ride point for the group this time, and I believe Mark has offered to ride drag. Anyone who feels the need for speed, please take your map with you and move on out ahead of us to start with. If you want to wait for us at the stops, we’ll see you there – otherwise we’ll see you at Eagle Falls. Same for the ride back.

Jeremy and Mike have graciously offered to stay behind and cook for us once again, so give them a big thank you, and be ready to fill yer bellies with pork steaks and such when we get back from the ride!

The map I made does not include the short ride to Eagle Falls itself, so here are the directions from the Gas station in Emminence, I stole off their website:

1. Turn off Hwy 19 at the Fast Stop (gas station on the north side of the bridge) in Eminence Missouri.

2. Go 4/10 mile on Tom Aker’s Rd.

3. Turn left on Story’s Creek Road past RS Steakhouse. (Story’s Creek Road is not marked but you’ll see Eagle Falls Ranch signage pointing you in the right direction).

4. Go exactly 1/2 mile and enter Eagle Falls Ranch entrance on the left.

Here is a link to my flickr account, with some pics I snapped on saturday. I did (almost) this exact route, only in reverse.


And here’s a video clip. It’s not edited, so you may want to turn your speakers down due to the wind noise  🙂


One Response to “April 17 Ride, Ziplining, and BBQ!!!”

  1. Gonna be a fun day! Mike and I will be at the club most of the day, so anyone not going on the ride – stop and visit!

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