Thanks to Eagle Falls/ May Ride Date

Some of us talked last night about sending a link to the video to the Eagle Falls guys, so I did, along with a thank you email:

Hey guys,

RQ here, from the Washington County Cruisers. Wanted to thank you again for opening for us, we all had a great time! We loved the staff, and the grounds, and the zipping was great. Really glad the weather cooperated, too.

Thought you might like to see a video I put together of the day, including both our ride there and back, and the zipline:

Take care!

— RQ

May Ride

Now that the WCC riding season is officially open, we need to start planning our monthly rides. Let’s start thinking about the May ride before our meeting on the 1st, so we can decide quickly on that. Then, we can discuss the rest of the summer as well. Personally I’d like to look at either the weekends of the 14th or 21st for the May ride…



One Response to “Thanks to Eagle Falls/ May Ride Date”

  1. Shawn Nye (owner of Eagle Falls) to me this morning 🙂


    I am glad you guys had a good time. Thanks for the video it is really good. Hope you guys come back and see us.

    Thank You
    Shawn Nye
    Eagle Falls Ranch

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