August Fundraiser Poker Run/BBQ

Hey, everybody, RQ here. Remember me? I’m the guy that disappeared most of the summer cuz I had my kids 😉

Anyhoo… The Poker Run/BBQ back to school fundraiser is upon us – this coming Saturday (13th), in fact! I’m proposing we take a relatively short run this time – down through Ironton, Past Lesterville, and back up past Johnson Shut-Ins, to Caledonia, then cut across to Bismarck, since M is closed. We’ll stop for cards at Fort Davidson in Pilot Knob (or Baylee Jo’s BBQ parking lot if you’d rather), Lenny’s in Lesterville, Johnson Shut-Ins, and finally Buford Mountain overlook on 21. The last card stop will be back at the clubhouse. Anyone who needs gas during the ride can get some while we’re in Lesterville – same with drinks, etc… Total ride is about 90 miles, and around 2 hours at posted speed limits 😉 😉 Of course, we’ll make it longer with the BS sessions — I mean stops…

I was gonna print out directions/maps for tonight, but I decided to let you all have a look here first. Let me know if you want any changes made to the route, and I’ll print up the final to have at the club by thursday.

FYI – $15/head gets you one hand on the poker run and your meal when we get back. Extra poker hands $5 each. Pork Steak plates are $8 for the folks that aren’t riding – Public Welcome!!

Here’s a link to the route on google maps:

Poker Run Route

Take care!



One Response to “August Fundraiser Poker Run/BBQ”

  1. IF you get time, may wanna post about our Christmas children fund raiser Dec. 10th :-})

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