Spring Fever!

Well, riding season has certainly come early this year, hasn’t it?! My cousin thinks the world may be ending. My nephew wants to know if its because of global warming. I just shrug and say “I don’t know, but I’m going to get my garden planted and RIDE!!” Right?? Right!

Our last meeting saw some changes in the lineup, but nothing too major. Plus, we talked about lots of stuff we have planned for the WCC. Rides, building upgrades, BBQs, Charity donations and events, and other good stuff. Always moving forward, always striving to be a positive influence with each other and in our community.

To catch up on some things that have been going on…

The official Christmas party and fundraiser (we sponsor families who couldn’t otherwise afford much of a Christmas celebration – concentrating on the children and their needs and wants) was, as always a great success. Fun, food, music, and giving!

An unofficial New Year’s party was also had, for no other reason than to celebrate the fact that we all made it through another year. Celebrate we did.

Our annual St. Patrick’s day fundraiser was also a success. Lots of dancing, laughing and good-will.

Last weekend several members attended and contributed to a charity Poker Run event that was well conceived and well attended. I didn’t make it personally, but it was reported to me that a good, safe time was had by all, and much good was done. Besides the money donated via the Poker Run itself, the club voted to donate $200 to the American Cancer Society. This is the stuff we are made of!

The spring is always a time we try to get more organized and plan all our events and rides for the season. The further ahead, the more can attend! So, here are a couple of things we have planned. Please, members, remind me of anything that is missing here:

April 15 – 2nd Annual Zipline Ride… This was originally scheduled for April 14th (saturday), but it turned out that that date didn’t work for the Zipline people. So we moved it to Sunday. The club has committed to 20 people doing the zipline itself in order for them to open the park for us. The park does not open to the public until May 1st, so this is a big deal for the WCC. It’s a WCC PRIVATE zipline event. Please encourage everyone to show up so we can make it a success as it was last year! Any questions about the zipline itself, please contact Lindell. Any questions about the ride, contact Rat, our new Ride Captain. Don’t forget to show up with a LEGAL motorcycle that is mechanically sound including tires, or Rat will forbid your from riding with us, and the rest of us will back him up!

April 21 – we will be having a Creek Hop and Social.. We will BBQ, hang out, and do some short, local rides. This is just for fun, but is not limited to club members. Invite anyone you like to share a BBQ plate, ride, and hang out with us on this day!

May 31 – June 3: Eureka Springs Blues Festival!!! This is a big ride, and a big party! Eureka Springs is awesome, and we all love the Blues, right? I have played music there before, myself. Besides the festival and town itself, that part of Arkansas offers some of the most curvy and scenic riding in this part of the country!! As I understand, most people going already have lodging and travel plans (Eureka Springs is a little over 5 hours straight-thru drive time). I thought I was going to have the kids that weekend, but it turns out I’m not, so count on my crashing one of your motel rooms!!! And I’m riding Voodoo or bust!! (no guarantees when I’ll actually make it)…

I think that’s all we have officially so far, although I know there are Rallies planned, including Sturgis, KY…

Take care, Y’all!



2 Responses to “Spring Fever!”

  1. Dean Warner Says:

    My wife and I have been enjoying Thursday nights at the clubhouse all summer. I have been talked into “prospecting” for membership, and I will attend my first meeting on Sunday, Sept. 9,12. I am hopefully looking forward to a positive vote, and continued good vibes. Be sure to attend the meeting if you want a chance to shun me!
    Dean and Rose Warner

    • Dean,

      Thanks for the comment on the website. I’m happy ya’ll have been enjoying yourselves on Thursday nights, and that’s great that you’re considering membership. I’m not sure we’ve met in person, as I’m not often around on Thursdays, and even less so in the summers. Unfortunately, I won’t get to meet you Sunday either, as I’m out of town, but I wish you luck.

      — Arthur Smith (RQ)

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