September Poker Run




I do have some more video that I’ll try to post. Enjoy!

— RQ


One Response to “September Poker Run”

  1. Mad Max McGee Says:

    Just like that, cool. The trick to finishing a ride on bike like mine (post venison TBone) is to stop at a place that looks like it is having work done,van or truck with ladders outside, a large trailer filled with construction debris and that sells beer, the second is really a given.
    Step one: Buy beer… smoke em if ya got um.
    Step two: find the guy who owns the truck and borrow the right tools for the job at hand. (a Saws everystuff in this case)
    Step three: take careful aim at the part or parts to be removed with the lent power tool.
    Step four: HAVE AT IT!!
    Step five: toast your good work… and smoke um if ya got um.

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