VooDoo For Sale

Voodoo for Sale!


Voodoo began life as a 1969 Harley Davidson FLH. Over the years Voodoo has undergone many incarnations and at least one total teardown and rebuild. I’m sure Voodoo’s previous owner – my good friend Rat – would correct me and/or tell you many, many more stories about Voodoo, because he owned him for many many many years  🙂

At any rate, during a teardown and rebuild, Voodoo acquired a Delkron crankcase, and thus a 1992 “Special Construction” title. Voodoo has carried this title now for 21 years, and it serves the purpose of being able to pay our government money every year so that we don’t have to pay our government money when we get pulled over by law enforcement for having the wrong color sticker (or something worse).

I digress…

Suffice it to say that Voodoo is a Harley Davidson Motorcycle in every sense, but does not have a Harley Davidson Birth Certificate anymore. What Voodoo DOES have is personality. Sex appeal. A sound that only an old Shovelhead has. That feeling you get when some guys you’ve been riding with notice the kickstarter. Notice the generator. And say, “Man, that’s kick-ass!”

Like any old vehicle, Voodoo requires attention. You may think that you can just hop on and go for a ride whenever you like – and, most of the time you can. But too much of that, with no attention between rides, and Voodoo will have other ideas for you. This is both one reason I love this motorcycle, and one reason I have to sell him. I spent many years trying to get Rat to sell Voodoo to me, and I’ve had him for about 2 ½ years now. But circumstances have changed, time and money are in short supply, and Voodoo needs a new owner who can invest more of his time than I can.

The upside to the maintenance and work is that there is virtually NOTHING you can’t do yourself, with a little mechanical ability and a manual. Honestly, I have found the work almost as relaxing and rewarding as the ride. Of course, I also owned and wrenched on old Volkswagens, and still work on old John Deere tractors from time to time. You have to like this sort of thing  🙂

Now, technically speaking:

  • Frame is the original 1969 FLH frame from what I understand. The bike was stripped down to the frame, gone over for soundness, and painted at some point.

  • Engine, as mentioned has a Delkron crankcase. Other than that it’s pretty much a stock Harley 74 Cubic Inch Shovelhead motor

  • Stock 4-speed transmission with kickstarter. Chain primary and secondary.

  • Front end is from a 1980 Wide Glide, i believe. Dual disc brakes (it had a different setup when I bought it, and one of the calipers was removed. I have the parts, just need the caliper mounted and brake lines run. Currently works on the right caliper but doesn’t have too much power – although I’ve ridden it like that the whole time)

  • Windshield is functional – not the greatest, but if you keep it polished it certainly does the job. It can certainly be removed, and honestly, Voodoo looks better without it  🙂

  • Rear brake has been converted from the original drum to hydraulic disc. Works great!

  • Rear shocks have been replaced with air shocks from an Ultra Classic. Awesome ride!

  • Custom LaPera seat, with flames, as you’ll see in the picture. This seat fits me better than any seat on any motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. Your milage may vary  😉

  • Stock style hard bags – the left one is banged up a bit, but wouldn’t take much fiberglass work to repair and repaint.

  • Tires – front tire has one low-milage season on it. Back tire MIGHT have 100 miles on it

  • New battery this past spring

Other than the fact that I didn’t license or inspect him this Spring, Voodoo can be ridden just fine now. You have to keep an eye on the engine oil, the transmission oil, and the brake fluid. The forks leak pretty bad so you need to keep an eye on them too. There’s always some work that could be done, and always will be. Mostly I just ride  🙂

The more I write about Voodoo the less I want to sell him. But I gotta. I have too many other interests, hobbies, responsibilities, and commitments to do Voodoo justice. And you don’t wanna make Voodoo mad…. If you are a beginner rider, Voodoo is not for you. If you are not handy with tools, Voodoo is not for you. If you understand that you can have a Relationship with a piece of old machinery, one that is rewarding to both you AND the motorcycle – Voodoo might just be the bike for you.

Putting a price on Voodoo seems…. Just Wrong… So there’s no price in this ad. You guys know me. You probably know what I paid Rat for Voodoo. Just talk to me..

— RQ

Chaplain, Washington County Cruisers

008  025 015


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