Fare well, Smilin’ Jim, you will be missed :(

I regret to report that I was just informed that WCC club member “Smilin’ Jim” Lee has departed our company on this earth. I don’t have many details yet, only that he was involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle, and died at the scene. I’m asking everyone to please help me find contact information for his family/next of kin/loved ones, so that I may speak at his memorial as he asked me to do.

I don’t have to tell anyone who knew Jim what a great loss this is. We are all mourning.

Please check back here and/or the WCC facebook page for more information and/or to help with arrangements, whatever they may be.

Thank you,

Arthur Smith (RQ)


2 Responses to “Fare well, Smilin’ Jim, you will be missed :(”

  1. lylecates Says:

    From the accident report: A Ford Escape was turning into a private drive 417′ south of Northridge lane, Jim attempted to pass and collided with the side of the Escape. Jim was pronounced at the scene at 11:07 05/15/2015

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