Smilin’ Jim Club Ride Options

WCC Members and Friends:

Anyone who would like to ride together to Chapel HIll Mortuary, there are two options:

Tuesday (tomorrow) evening: Meet at WCC clubhouse at 4:30, leave by 5 to attend the visitation – this is just a suggestion, and I will likely not be going on this one.

Wednesday Meet at WCC clubhouse at 8am, leave by 8:30 to attend the memorial service and/or interment.

Both options are weather-permitting. I will personally be going Wednesday morning, and if the weather allows, I will be at the club on Voodoo, leaving at 8:30

I hope to see you there, otherwise we’ll just meet up north.



2 Responses to “Smilin’ Jim Club Ride Options”

  1. There will also be a Party at Jim’s house after the services Wednesday. WCC is pitching in. Everyone is invited. –RQ

  2. Everyone, it’s not looking good for riding in the morning. I will be driving, unfortunately. However, I will still be at the club at 8am in case riders show up and decide not to ride their bikes, and that they want a ride. I’ll see many of you tomorrow in any case. Take care. –RQ

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